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Water is the essence of life. You've heard that saying before, no doubt back in school, and it definitely rings true to this day. Without water we would not be able to live. With our own bodies made up of majority water, why is it that we accept second rate drinking sources in our day to day lives? Many people drink from their faucet and think that it is perfect water. Sure, the water is safe but the taste and the content is not always up to snuff. We also see people who buy case after case of bottled water. As it turns out, there is one quick way to stop both of the aforementioned things from happening: the espring.

Espring Filtered Water

Bottled water is great in certain applications: sending resources to distressed areas or taking something to drink when you are out on the run. However, in casual and practical drinking situations around the house bottled water is more of a scam than anything else. With repeated purchases of bottled water you are not only ripping yourself off in the long run, you are also doing massive damage to the environment as a result. However, it is hard to get away from the clean, pure taste of most bottled water.

So instead of buying bottled water every week, opt instead to install a water filter inside of your home. All of a sudden you will have cleaner, tastier water coming from your tap for a whole variety of different applications. You won't be creating huge waste issues with your left over plastic and you also won't be spending excess money when you go out for groceries. Scientists say that at least half the United States population is dehydrated at any given time, a water filter gives you every reason to fix your intake. 


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